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Grade Work

1. Low Areas.
Low areas should be filled with a suitable subgrade material, regraded, and compacted to target density. Pay particular attention to areas such as ruts. If not filled and compacted with subgrade material, ruts will invariably be filled with base material, and most compaction equipment will bridge over ruts. This bridging effect creates areas that will fail to meet specified uniform density requirements.

2. High Areas.
Pay particular attention to rocky areas above grade. It is unacceptable practice to scalp these areas and reuse the resulting rocky material to fill low spots further ahead in station. The rocky material produced by the scalping operation will be poorly graded and will promote pavement failure. Rather, these areas should be scarified to a depth sufficient to accommodate the required compacted thickness of approved base course material.

3. Density.
Check that the material is uniformly compacted to target density. Moisture content greatly affects material consolidation and should be monitored as required. Areas that fail to meet specified requirements must be reworked, compacted, and verified for compliance At McDonald Paving & Chip Sealing we provide top-notch paving and chip sealing in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. Contact us today for an estimate!

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