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Parking Lot Paving Colorado Springs

Parking lots set the tone for businesses and organizations. This makes it extremely important to make sure your parking areas are of good design and good quality. We, at McDonald Paving & Chip Seal, understand this and offer many different paving services for concrete and asphalt to Colorado residents.

New Asphalt or Concrete Installation
For dirt, loose gravel, or other areas where parking lot paving is desired, we can create a well-built foundation for new asphalt installation and then create a solid and durable parking lot or driveway. This not only adds appeal for your business, it also ensures safety for your guests and their vehicles.

Overlay (Re-paving)
If you have existing asphalt that is looking weathered with deep cracks and holes, our commercial paving team can add an additional one to two inches of asphalt to repair these issues. We make sure the existing asphalt is sturdy and built up so that the new asphalt will be safe and strong enough to hold up for many years.

Parking Lot Paving: Crack Fill
For areas where cracks in existing asphalt are not bad enough for overlay but still in need touch up, we offer parking lot paving crack fill that will help keep the pavement strong and reliable.

Curbs and Gutters
If you already have paved parking lots and driveways but need assistance in the area of water drainage, we provide curb and gutter installation that will help aid in this area. Curbs and gutters are a very important part of water evacuation and keeping pavement clean and secure.

Chip Seal
Over time, asphalt can oxidize, chip, and crumble. We offer a top of the line chip seal that can help keep moisture and other particles from damaging asphalt. Chip seal is excellent in helping asphalt in Colorado stay stronger and last longer. If done properly, chip seal can offer a 10 year life expectancy, and is beneficial in all asphalt & commercial paving areas including roads, parking lots, and highways in the city and in rural areas.

Grade Work
One of the most important factors in parking lot paving is grading. We take this very seriously and pay special attention to ensuring areas are properly graded and ready for paving. Having appropriately leveled ground under asphalt is also necessary for correct water drainage.

If you would like more information on parking lot paving, chip sealing, commercial paving, or any of the other services we offer, please contact us. We are here to help out our fellow Colorado residents!

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