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Chip Seal Asphalt Colorado Springs

Are you in Colorado Springs and looking for services to chip seal asphalt? McDonald Paving & Chip Sealing is here to help. Chip seal paving is an economical way of creating a road and/or preserving existing asphalt. With chip sealing the objective is to, when resurfacing existing asphalt, protect and preserve the asphalt by not allowing moisture, oxidizing or elements to be exposed to the existing asphalt.

Chip seal can be used over many surfaces. Application is done by spraying a hot oil over a smooth hard surface then covering it using an even layer of washed aggregate, then rolling into place. When you chip seal asphalt, the existing surface needs to be prepped and cleaned thoroughly beforehand. If there are any damaged areas, they would need to be repaired first. If there are any cracks, they would need to be filled and if there are any low-lying areas they need to be leveled. After all of the preparations have been addressed, the resurface can be done.

Chip sealing over existing asphalt has a life expectancy of about 10 years if done properly. When you chip seal asphalt over crushed road base on new construction, we recommend applying a 2-course application. The prep work is very important here as well. The scale of the job and what will be driven on the surface will determine what type of chip seal paving job needs to be done. The best way is to grade and compact the surface to industry standards. Then apply a primer coat to ensure bond between existing surface and new chip seal. The primer needs to set approximately 24 hours before application. Once the primer has set, apply the surface chip seal using the same process, this time doing it twice.

Chip seal paving is used across the world and was the original asphalt before Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) was introduced. It is used mainly on country roads, but is becoming more common in inner cities because of its economical nature and the scientific improvements over the last decades that prove to be a more durable product on roads, highways and parking lots. When you chip seal asphalt, it is a great way to keep a rustic look on a driveway or ranch road while reaping the benefits of an asphalt surface.

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