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When dealing with asphalt in Colorado Springs, we understand that every project is unique. There are many ways to approach installing new asphalt, whether it be re-paving, or new installation. When re-paving, it’s called “overlay.” An overlay is when the existing pavement is covered with 1? to 2” of new asphalt. New installation requirements involve having a good base and proper grading to ensure longevity of asphalt but can be more expensive. No matter which asphalt paving technique your project requires, we will be able to get the job done at McDonald Paving. We are the best at our trade when it comes to projects involving asphalt in Colorado Springs.

With an overlay, there are many factors in determining whether or not the existing surface can be overlaid, such as the stability of existing asphalt, the percentage of existing asphalt that is strong enough to overlay, and the quality of sub base underneath. These are all taken into consideration before submitting proposal and thoroughly discussed with homeowner/property owner or project management, beforehand. When an overlay is deemed sufficient, there are steps taken to make sure that it works best for draining, having a smooth transition from areas where existing asphalt meets existing concrete, etc. In most cases when overlaying an existing driveway or parking lot with asphalt, Colorado Springs usually has sidewalks, curbs, gutters and concrete aprons in front of garbage dumpsters or garages that can hinder the process. When dealing with this, we take measures to ensure smooth transition by removing section of existing asphalt in front of these areas by way of grinding or sawcutting and replacement. This is all discussed at time of estimate.

With new asphalt paving or installation, there are many ways to approach the project. The thickness, how many lifts (layers), and type of asphalt used (3/4? commercial binder or 1/2? surface mix) can all be taken into consideration. These different types of asphalt have different strengths and weaknesses. A 3/4? binder is a larger aggregate material that is strong and better suited for heavy traffic, where a 1/2? surface is still strong, it is mostly used for driveways or commercial parking lots and drive lanes.

When paving a house driveway with asphalt in Colorado Spring, most of the time, a 3? thick asphalt layer will do. In some instances, depending on type of traffic and native materials under sub-base, we go to a 5? thick asphalt layer. When going thicker than 3? thick, we like to install asphalt in multiple layers. This ensures proper compaction and is more durable because of the compaction reached at each layer. When paving a commercial parking lot where it is new construction, we like to go at least 4? thick, installing asphalt in two 2? lifts, the bottom lift using 3/4? binder and a 1/2? surface on top lift.

None of this means anything if the sub-grade and base is not up to industry standards. The single most important thing when installing asphalt in Colorado Springs is the BASE. Here at McDonald Paving, we also do the necessary dirt work and base work to ensure that you get a quality job, every time. We would not consider paving over anything we deemed insufficient.

Please remember, every job is different and we are here to answer all your questions. If you are interested in getting an estimate or consultation, please call or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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